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Welcome to my personal space!

(yeah, I know: this page aestethically sucks. But hey, just focus on the contents while I'm gonna fix the eye-candies.)

Personal informations and self-promoting stuff

I'm a Mathematics teacher wannabe, graduating in Math and doing research on scientific education and technology in the mean time. Most of the projects I'm involved in are driven by the collective effort of people at the EigenLab hacklab, located within the Pisa University (with which I also sporadically collaborate at some times).

My real name is Martino De Leo, but I'd prefer you to call me Rachele (pronunciation is at your choice). I excel in analysing and solving problems, especially those related to organization and planning, and I have a talent in manipulating issues and tantalizing around them interested people with common objectives. I like computers and I'm well-skilled in many languages and in system/service administration. I'm also very proficient in designing and building machines, and I cook divinely.


I'm involved in many learning projects and scientific disclosure activities; I'll try to gather here all materials produced and relevant informations.


Those listed here are seminars made during my graduation in Math ad the Pisa University; for other projects please see below.


Keep in mind that most of these are collective projects (i.e. driven by the effort and enthusiasm of a scattered and diverse community of people); also, in most cases the aim is to openly share knowledge, rather than capitalizing it. This implies that some concepts like "ownership", "authorship" and "copyright" make little sense in this context.

Please be patient: the above list is incomplete and does not contain much references; I'm gonna fix this as soon as I can.

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